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“You can never have too many bikes, and Rich makes it easy to find the perfect one each time.” Simon Richard

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Rich Schafenacker (BSc., MBA) has been the face of Cycle-Logic for over 25 years. Rich is a former national level racer of both road and track and was once a member of the highly regarded and successful Proctor Team. After founding Cycle-Logic he sponsored a successful national level team that medalled at the World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and PanAm Games.

A diehard racer through and through, Rich continues to tear it up. It is clear from his experience and knowledge, Rich knows what it takes to be a successful rider: from the first bike fit, to the latest win.

Rich Schafenacker

Rich Schafenacker

Founder & CEO

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There is no better place in Edmonton to buy a road bike than Cycle Logic. End of story.

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Don Mallon

I’ve been joining Rich’s cycling workouts since 2010 and there is no better way for me to stay fit during the long Edmonton winters. Rich has developed unique and challenging workouts unlike anything else I’ve done. Motivating people, great music, ever changing workouts make these classes something I look forward to every week. I’ve had several World Cup wins coming off winters training with Rich, which is proof they make you super fit!

Paula Findlay

I had a season of 5 Ironman 70.3 races ahead, and I needed help from a business owner who had some faith in me.  I met Rich and not only felt welcome by the community, but felt inspired by Rich’s attitude and trustworthy demeanor. He’s one of the few instructors I’ve come across, who can simultaneously provide a solid example of how to cycle properly and lead a cycling class clearly, so even beginners can benefit.  I really didn’t expect less of him, though, as he is an accomplished cyclist and triathlete. Rich really does his research!

Alexandra Gordichuk

Professional Triathlete , Alexandra Gordichuk

I think that I was one of the original members of Rich’s club when he first opened his shop. I got to know the shop when I bought my first Trek racing bike and I don’t think that I have raced on anything but a bike from Cycle-Logic since. I started as a Cat. 5, racer and made the National Team within 2 years while racing for and with Cycle-Logic. I attended the World Championships twice, finishing 17th and 19th, and received a Silver Medal at the Commonwealth Games. I was active on the National Team for almost 5 years. It was Rich who was instrumental in my quick jump to that level of competition. We had a great bunch of new riders when I started and we were keen on doing amazing things. Rich provided an environment, equipment, and a winning attitude that stayed with me throughout my racing. We spent many hours training together, discussing the finer details of the sport, and how to win when coming from a relatively unknown geographic region for cycling. Rich was always available and ready to listen to my stories when I came home from long projects from around the world. He knew from his own experience what worked and has since coached and mentored many other athletes to reach their goals and potential. Cycle-Logic was always the place to hang out in order to get better, faster and more complete as not only a competitor but a person. I have realized many years later that the basics never change.

Peter Verhesen

Owner/CEO, Fix Auto Calgary Airport

There are not many clubs/bike stores out there that are like Cycle-Logic. I never got on a road bike until a few years ago when I accidentally walked into Cycle-Logic and talked to Rich for a few minutes. I got quickly hooked and I’m hooked for the rest of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t run into Rich 20 years earlier.

Don’t make the same mistake.

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Dr. Andrzej Weber

Department of Anthropology: Professor, University of Alberta

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